Zenith of Rouen. The Odyssey of the Voice, Michaël Grégorio sauce

Singer and impersonator Mikel Gregorio The Odyssey of the Voice will present its new musical show, on February 4, 2024 in Zenith in Rouen (Seine-Sea). A show that will mix humor, vocal performances and emotions. The conversation

Your show is called Odyssey of the Voice. We see a cinematic reference there…

Mikel Gregorio: I imagine this show as an ode to the voice. I have over 150. Voice allows us to guess what people are like by listening to them. It is the door of the soul. And I realized very quickly that the show was written as a journey. for the odyssey We thought of Kubrick, we diverted scenes from the movie, but for me they don’t have the same symbolism. I also wanted to talk about the fragility of the voice, through silent film and Charlie Chaplin, and then there are all the classics, from Michel Legrand to Dirty dancing. Everything makes it a real music hall show.. There are many imitations, sketches, films… This show is quite versatile.

How do you get your new voices?

I wanted my new voice to be defined in the writing of the show. I say at the beginning that I have only one voice. When some played Nintendo or the Pogues, I played with my voice and was able to work. We find music from my childhood and some older ones my parents listened to: A-ha, Rose Laurens, Mariano, Piaf. And there’s music news. But I can’t make a mess. There is a theme and atmosphere around it.

What characterizes your shows is an enormous generosity, a kind of solidarity with your audience.

The stage is a unique place that constantly takes us. There is a very strong exchange with the public. We send it, and he returns it. A show is not done alone, it is a kind of ping-pong. The energy of the stage is something you can feel.
When I build a show, I also build it for the audience. I like listening to people, is built to be a real playground, real entertainment. There are moments of silence, but also great rock and party moments. It is generous in the way it is produced. We put resources into both video and lighting.

Videos: currently in Actu

Sunday, February 4, 6:00 p.m., at the Zénith, avenue des Canadiens, Grand-Quevilly. Prices: between 39 and 59 euros.

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