who will really win the TF1 telecrochet?

TAt the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, three months after Julien and Pierre made their first vocalizations, the two students are still competing. star academy 2023, they will give their voice for the last time this Saturday, February 3, in the TF1 telecrochet final. But if only one gets a contract with Sony Music and the promised 100,000 euros to produce their first album, they won’t be the only winner.

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Because if the channel can congratulate itself for having hit the jackpot, and if Endemol, the production company, is rubbing its hands, they are not the only ones who have made a good deal. And the winner it will be… not necessarily what we think.

TF1 and Endemol, the first winners star academy 2023

TF1 and Endemol can already sign up for this 11e edition to their honor roll. A year after his triumphant return, there Star Ac In fact, it presents a good report card, even if the results are slightly down… and some bad grades. First, in terms of audience, it averaged 1.8 million fans every evening (including replay). For Saturday prime time, it attracted a loyal audience of 3.7 million, including 34% of female shoppers, a priority target for advertisers, and 43% of 15-34 year olds.

Added to these encouraging results is the enormous success of the future tour, which will be sold out: although 10 dates were initially planned, in the end there will be 55 concerts that the students will perform in France and Belgium between March and June, driven by tremendous energy. fame

The first in the hearts of the public

Fed up with reality TV brawls, the public could be bored by the very classy range of these top tiers, hired “for their authenticity and benevolence”, with the two new bras of TF1 telecrochet. However, even the most cynical have allowed these model residents to soften over the weeks: “They have won the hearts of the public by showing a very beautiful image of themselves, working relentlessly without ever complaining”, explains Lucie Bernardoni. . , a former student himself and now the show’s coach. People were attached to them and, after them, they will continue on their journey”, he believes.

ALSO READ “Star Academy”, “Secret Story”…: why does television recycle its old programs? In the meantime, they have built up a following on social media (480,000 for Lénie on Instagram), as well as good points with artists from all walks of life and Brigitte Macron, whom she invited to sing at the Elysée last December. Stylist Jacquemus, the new darling of the catwalks, also invited Lénie and Djibril to attend his latest fashion show… along with Julia Roberts. As for the singers, they weren’t content with the usual but vague cheers after a shared duet. Vitaa took a tour by asking Clara to play as an opening act for her concerts. And Woodkid (who worked with Lady Gaga) promised Pierre and Julien a session in his studio, giving them hope for a future collaboration.

Pierre and Julien, tight final…

In fact, the finalists have been inundated, if not with proposals, at least with praise since the competition began. Therefore, it is difficult to decide between them: “I can’t choose”, admits Héléna, the Belgian candidate who came out of the final. They all touch me differently and deserve a win. But compared to what I hear from the outside, I think Pierre will win”… On the other hand, Lucie Bernardoni and Marlène Schaff, the other coaches of the program, have not made any predictions. They prefer to point out the strengths of their small patrons.

“Julien is a fighter who is not afraid of adversity and reveals herself in competition. In her voice, she has a wonderful instrument, which she masters more and more,” begins Marlène Schaff. And Lucie Bernardoni added: “He is a great worker, who has managed to play with different records. His style is anchored, classic, while remaining modern. Julien is also an excellent performer, very sensitive and generous, bringing out the best in each of his performances. » The other side of the coin: the singer sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him… and his mood: «Perhaps he tends to compare himself too much to others. In these moments, he is a little negative, he admits. But he is aware and knows how to take a step. »

The two accomplices share the same admiration for Pierre, “a dear boy, always in the same mood. He is a musician who manages to put his own touch on each song. His natural charisma led him to the stage,” says Lucie. Not forgetting his distinctive timbre: “Having a voice that can be recognized among thousands is a great asset when you do pop,” added Marlène. His second strength is musicality. For three months, Pierre never made television, he made music. That’s where he finds comfort. » Because the young person lacks self-confidence: “He has moments of doubt, he sees himself as too slow to learn…”

However, Pierre seems to be one step ahead of the competitor. As proof, he often sang his composition “What we were” in the castle. Still unrecorded, the title has already gone viral on social media.

Héléna, the real winner?

Regardless of the outcome of the evening, Pierre and Julien will both record a single, as will Axel and Héléna, the other two semi-finalists. The young woman who kept fans of the castle in suspense for her alleged romance with Pierre (which she denied), also won the title of the most loved Belgian of the moment: “I hope the professionals want to understand who she really is. . It’s a rough diamond, which is in the process of being polished”, the judge Lucie Bernardoni, who encouraged him to write: “I’m waiting for him to return home in peace to take paper and pencil, emphasizes the interested party. . I have many ideas! »

Perhaps he’ll dedicate a title to his only truly adventurous crush, a Dyson hair straightener he “borrowed” from production and took the suitcase: “I got an offer. They kindly offered me another Dyson because they saw I really liked it. So now two I have them. I’m very happy,” he laughs… a great success!

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