“Who wants to be my partner?” : What you may not know about new candidates

the new season of Who wants to be my partner? started on the day M6 on January 17th and it was a huge success. The show remains interesting for budding entrepreneurs. Episode 3 on Wednesday, January 31, attracted an average of just under 1.51 million viewers, according to data from Médiamétrie.

The concept of a successful show is simple. An entrepreneur comes to present his business to a panel of famous investors: Eric Larchevêque, Kelly MassolAnthony Bourbon Stephanie DelestreJean-Pierre Nadir, Marc Simonini and for the first time Tony Parker. The “startup” must be as credible as possible, because investors are not easily impressed.

Focus on new candidates!

Once in front of the investor panel, that’s where it all comes into play. Candidates have a few minutes to sell their creations and collect thousands of euros. Here are the five projects that have already marked their fourth season.

Fabio Coupas, 21 years old and already an entrepreneur. Fabio Coupas, who appeared in the first episode, moved the internet users a lot. After a difficult family and addiction problems, he is now at the head of two companies. The first company, Coupas, is a landscaping company. The second, Comingaïa, connects landscapers and people who want to rethink green spaces. Anthony Bourbon offered Fabio to invest 200,000 euros in his companies for 11% of his capital. A proposal validated by Fabio.

Ultimate Guide’s Victor Habchy and Nora Barault, social media stars. with that With more than a million subscribers on Instagram and a website, the two entrepreneurs want to accelerate the development of their media. They came to present to the “last club” a subscription of two euros a month, savings in selected places, good preview addresses, etc. They requested an investment of 250,000 euros to develop their project in cities other than Paris. Former basketball stars Tony Parker and Jean-Pierre Nadir will each pay 125,000 against 6% of the company’s capital.

Dylan Letierce and Jonathan Malgogne, founders of Knap. Investors came to present I-Kart, the connected shopping cart… Anthony Bourbon invested 350,000 euros against 5% of the company, and an additional 5% as a consultant to Knap’s company.

Urgentime, a platform that wants to save lives. Urgentime is an emergency services startup started by two friends, Anthony Tabuyo and Jovien Chappex. After a serious accident, Anthony decided to launch this solution, which allows healthcare professionals like Samu to send a connection link to the caller’s phone. The injured person or witness can click on this link to start a video conference, where they can assess the extent of their injuries and give good advice. For now, this is the solution “It is used by 1/4 of Samu in France, 1/3 of emergencies in Switzerland and 1/3 of 911 in the United States,” Defines LinkedIn’s Urgenttime. The appearance at the show was a success for the entrepreneurs, because they left with 750,000 euros, compared to what 30% of their company bought. Tony Parker and Marc Simoncini.


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Bénédicte Perrot, founder of the Vidiamo stroller brand. During the televised appearance, Bénédicte Perrot’s company was in a delicate situation. He could not fulfill the orders of folding cars that could go from one seat to two in one movement. Eric Larchevêque has decided to invest 150,000 euros against the company’s shares. In an interview Western FranceThe founder of Vidiamo says that he is now looking for partners.

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