We will know more about the simplified version of DPE in mid-February

The Minister of Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu, will announce “flexibility measures”.

Ecological Transition Minister Christophe Béchu will announce in mid-February the “simplification” of the new energy performance diagnosis (DPE), which provides information on the energy and climate performance of a home, introducing “flexibility measures”. – he declared in his vows. “In mid-February, I will announce the simplification of the DPE, which will allow the ambition of the initial schedule to be maintained, making the system more reliable for small areas and establishing flexibility measures that will allow owners and tenants to approach the date. January 1, 2025 with more confidence,” said the minister, without further details.

DPE is the main indicator that measures the energy consumption of a house. A new DPE that entered into force in July 2021 takes into account the impact of houses on greenhouse gas emissions. More precisely, it is no longer based on the energy consumption bill of the occupants, but on the physical characteristics of the building.

But the reliability of DPE is regularly questioned through consumer association tests and one A study by the Council of Economic Analysis They have shown that there is no real difference in actual energy consumption between houses over 80 m2 (beyond the C label).

The real estate market: Gabriel Attal promises it "unlock" housing sector - 01/31
Property market: Gabriel Attal promises to “unlock” the housing sector – 01/31

“Production of housing starts again”.

Since January 1, 2023, it is forbidden to rent a house with the highest energy consumption (classified G+), which shows a consumption of more than 450 kilowatt-hours a year, per square meter. From 2025, the rental of all G-level housing (i.e. currently 7% of the park) will be prohibited by the Climate Law in order to achieve France’s climate goals. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire already announced last week to simplify and change the calculation of the DPE, which he believes presents “biases” and harms small areas.

Taking some Gabriel Atta’s predictions the day beforel, Christophe Béchu also stated that he wanted to “restart the production” of houses. “To restore the power of the French to buy real estate”, the minister “wants to examine new financial instruments such as bullet loans”, which dissociate the payment of interest and the repayment of the capital (in a round at the end of the loan), or “. mortgage model (the bank seizing the property if the owner does not repay the loan, editor’s note)”.

“We need to think about innovative fiscal and financial tools to encourage elected officials and operators to produce more housing,” he said.

On the topic of the housing crisis, Christophe Béchu, finally, assured that “in France and throughout Europe, the social housing sector is the one that has faced the most thanks to public aid”.

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