We read “Le Murmure”, his last novel

Swe finally delivered, Christian Bobin he started it at home, in Le Creusot, and he never stopped writing in his hospital bed, fighting against the disease that would take him on November 23, 2022. Whispered the east” a war book “Not to die, but to live” specifies the author. As his strength waned, he saw the people who lived sensitively to the beauty of a world disappear, and which he wanted to celebrate for the last time. First of all, there are Chopin’s notes played by Sokolov, between which there are intervals of this silence. “what is missing from our busy lives”. Rimbaud’s verses are telling rhymes in his course, the eyes The Little Chatelaine By Camille Claudel, Conque Abbey Church Stained Glass, Childhood Bread Cells – “was, is and will be”.

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As a teenager, Christian Bobin one day angrily stormed his mother into his room and ordered him“stop this music” who can hear “down the street”. “On that day, according to this order, my mother sent me to the dead who make books, the pages of which, when you turn them, make less noise than the air gliding over the water of a pond. » Whisper books. similar “magical flight of starlings” which, encountering an obstacle, split their cloud in two, only to form again after overcoming the obstacle. This pass is called “Marmarra”. » If the writer named his last book with reference to this natural phenomenon, is it not to encourage us to face the obstacles that existence puts in our way?

love and death

In his tribute, Antoine Gallimard emphasizes that Christian Bobin invites us, through his work, “to understand the missing part of our lives, which belongs to the wonderful and the dark”. Due to the situation Whispered was composed, the wonderful and the dark intensify in each of its lines, without giving in to the need to say its author. “Since I’m out of time already, I’ll take it” he says, as the last act of resistance – but not the only one.

He walked into his hospital room to see the doctor, horrified by his results (“I don’t know who you are, but this is completely abnormal. With what you have, you should be devastated!”), he smiles To the nurse who asks before an operation “think of something nice”, answers: “I’ll think about the nuts. » The disease that is winning, the clouds, his “cousins”, of him “masters of writing”, of him “doctors” what they tell him about the woman he loves. If the work of Christian Bobin, from his first writings, is moved by death, love dominates in this latest book. The love for everything that is moving away and made the salt of his life, but also for whom Whispered he is dedicated, without which he would not have fulfilled his poetic vocation. “Before, I was a mimosa who did not know the color yellow. I wrote without concern for favor. Then the world held up a mirror to me and I looked at myself in it. I wanted to do what I expected. So you came and broke that mirror. You have given me back the secret of language. I once became a stranger to myself. Even though you’re in the hospital, there’s a joy there that’s really based on WHAT YOU’VE SEEN. » Mixing with the first literary riots “cement leper” A schoolyard portrait of a Russian pianist with golden hands, interspersed with snippets of a love speech and a celebration of the joy of writing, Whispered he realizes the last wish of his maker, whispered in his ear by the one who helped him to the end. “ I must clear up much more than I, you say, who will stop me? » Nothing and no one left, not even death.

“Whispered”, By Christian Bobin (Gallimard, 144 pages, €17).

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