Universal Music challenges TikTok and announces that it will remove its songs from the social network

To make thunder TikTok ! Famous American label Universal Music Group (UMG) decided to challenge him publicly by removing his songs from the social network. It highlights the failure of Universal’s negotiations with the platform, particularly on the remuneration of artists and songwriters. Taylor Swift Or Weekend are among the tagged artists by the American team. TikTok application, from the Chinese group ByteDance, with more than a billion users is one of the most popular social networks in the world. In an open letter on Tuesday, Universal blamed TikTok“trying to build a music-based business without paying a reasonable price for the music”. The two sides discussed the terms of a new deal, with the existing contract set to expire on Wednesday. But the agreement was not renewed.

TikTok he reacted with judgment “sad and disappointing that Universal Music Group has put its own greed before the interests of its artists” according to a press release. They were among the topics covered in the negotiations a “adequate pay” for artists and songwriters, online safety for users, as well as protecting artists from harm from artificial intelligence, the UMG letter adds. But as the negotiations progressed, “TikTok tried to intimidate into accepting a deal that was worth less than the previous deal, which was below fair market value and did not reflect its exponential growth.”Universal said.

TikTok strikes back

Major record labels get paid from streaming platforms and social media. Universal, however, said it had offered to pay TikTok “A fee that is only a fraction of what major platforms pay in a similar situation”. Characterizing statements of universals as follows “fake”TikTok the record company thinks it has “They chose to turn away from the powerful support of a platform that has over a billion users and serves as a vehicle for free promotion and discovery of their talents”. Although TikTok has a large number of users, it only represents about 1% of Universal’s revenue, UMG alleged in its letter.

Universal cites other issues, such as the presence of many AI-generated recordings on the TikTok platform. All music was labeled Universal, according to a person familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity “It will be removed from TikTok in the coming daysfrom January 31 ». TikTok “has deals with other majors and independent labels”this source told AFP. “TikTok is not a music streaming platform and should not be accepted as such”the source continued, stating that users could not listen to the full version of songs on TikTok and were limited to sixty seconds of music during video creation.

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