TV viewers: “Criminal Minds” leads again on TF1, Arte and C8 in good form

“Criminal Minds” finds itself. On Wednesday, January 31, TF 1 reached the top of the evening audience, with the continuation of the new sixteenth season of the American series. An average of 2.84 million viewers watched the first two episodes of the evening, according to Médiamétrie. The market share of the total audience over the age of 4 watching TV is 16.4%. It rises to 22.7% of the strategic target of shopping women under the age of 50 (FRDA-50), which will ensure excellent advertising benefits for TF 1. However, the result has declined compared to the episodes offered last Wednesday.

France 2 continues with “Right to see”. This telefilm about the visually impaired with Camille Goudeau, Raphaël Lenglet, Emmeline Maniccia and Arthur Guivarch captivated 2.04 million viewers, 10.8% of the total audience (and only 3.4% of the FRDA-50, proof that it mainly attracted an older audience) . A minor disappointment for a channel that usually does better with its French fiction. He completed the podium with France 3 A trip to Venice, between the lake and the carnival, from Carole Gaessler’s “Roots and Wings” magazineWhich led 1.61 million people (9% of the public) to travel.

M 6 is fourth with an average of 1.51 million people for the rest there “Who wants to be my partner?” fourth edition », telehook for entrepreneurs. The market share is 9% for the general public, but rises to 18.7% for FRDA-50. Despite a significant drop in one week, the audience remains good for the channel.

Arte and C8 neck and neck

1,000 viewers separate Arte and C8, with 1.34 million viewers. Or Médiamétrie’s margin of error. The Franco-German chain won with the film “La Bonne Année”, directed by Lino Ventura and Françoise Fabian (7.1% of the audience) with the film by Claude Lelouch. But the C8 dominates the PDA with the former France 3 series “Mongeville” (7.7% market share). Both channels attracted an older audience (1% of FRDA-50 for both).

TMC is under a million with “Les Docs de Maïa Mazaurette”, which offered to know everything about the penis: 930,000 people in total for the two parts of the show (5.6% market share). Then CStar, W 9, NRJ 12 and TFX.

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