Thursday, February 1 TV show: “The King’s Man”, “Investigation Section”… Our selection

“The King’s Man: Première Mission”, at 21:10, M 6. In the early years of the 20th century, a British aristocrat, the Duke of Oxford (Ralph Fiennes), is on a Red Cross humanitarian mission in South Africa, where the Boer War is raging. He witnesses the death of his wife, helplessly, the victim of a sniper shot, while in the company of their young son. Retaining a deep resentment of any armed conflict, a few years later he created a spy cell in the service of his country. He will have to fight personally, with the help of his relatives and his son, against a mysterious organization where the biggest criminals on the planet have joined forces to destabilize Europe and sow chaos. But a tragedy can throw everything into question…

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Far ahead of director Matthew Vaughn’s “Kingsman” saga, this “old” one is more successful than the previous one. Kingsman: The Golden Circle », is packed with action scenes and special effects and features some anthology sequences. Especially when the team, in which shine Actress Gemma Arterton, aka Pollythe carefree liaison agent, in Russia, confronts the formidable Rasputin, a role in which Rhys Ifans delivers a stunning performance.

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