This parking lot will be converted into a higher education school

This abandoned parking lot in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, near the Beaugrenelle shopping center, will not be converted into housing not even in offices but in a high school, as seen THE The echoes. “It’s a first for us. This type of operation is exemplary in the way of transforming buildings that are not suitable for use. Such parking is a sclerotic use», explains François Agache, Chief Development and Operations Director of the real estate company and developer Apsys. In fact, parking spaces are increasingly neglected in the capital. This had a capacity of 370 seats but half of it was permanently empty. Apsys acquired the Beaugrenelle shopping center at the same time. Since the company had free spaces in the public parking lots it managed, it had less need to use that parking lot.

Why is the school transformed and not the house? “We have seen that the trends in higher education are not just traditional classrooms, individual work rooms, but smaller format classrooms.», justifies François Agache. And indeed, a parking lot offers small rooms. “It consists of a three-seater box. There is a wall every third place. We can’t tear down these walls or it’s a house of cards that’s going to come tumbling down. Class sizes are drawn in terms of these 3 car boxes», explains François Agache. The parking lot is a blind spot, and it should not create cross housing. Halls, however, can be installed in the blind area.

A patio will flood the parking lot with light

A courtyard will be created in the center to provide light and although most of the existing structures have been kept with a ceiling height limited to 2.20 meters, around the courtyard, pieces of slabs have been cut to create heights of 4m50 and create large rooms. , practical for lectures. “Classrooms with limited height will also have visual contact with the courtyard or larger rooms», assures the chief development and operations manager of Apsys.

A project with a cost of 20 million euros. Photo: Gaël Morin

The school will offer an area of ​​5,721 square meters compared to the 8,000 m2 of the old parking lot. The loss of square meters corresponds to the creation of the courtyard. A 325 square meter cafe overlooking the garden and a 900 m² gymnasium on the ground floor complete the future school which will be able to accommodate 1,000 students. The street boundary, which is used only for vehicles, will return to public space and become a green square. At the moment, we do not know which school will be established here. Apsys is in discussions with business, architecture and fashion schools. The building permit was submitted in mid-November and is currently under review. The answer should be given in the spring. If Apsys gets the green light, the project will be delivered in September 2026. A project with a cost of 20 million euros. This car park is a great way to turn the page.

A patio will be created in the middle to let in the light. Photo: Gaël Morin

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