This funeral home sold the bodies for 1,200 euros each… to medical universities

This is what you might call a macabre trade. As our colleagues have pointed out Parisian, the Spanish police have discovered the trafficking of corpses in the region of Valencia in recent days. is a company of funeral directors who was at the origin of this morbid traffic, in fact, according to the Spanish Police, the local workers forged documents to remove bodies from hospitals and retirement homes to sell later”. Universities were beneficent and paid for “1,200 euros per corpse”.

In total, four men were arrested, the two owners funeral directors and two workers, all aged 41 and 74. They would manage to resell no fewer than eleven bodies to universities. But their small business did not stop there, as they suspect that the four men had it helped them the universities once examined to remove the bodies. The employee is identified in the police report consulted by our colleagues “he took advantage of the dissection and dismemberment of the body to place it in the coffin of other dead people”and then they started the cremation, but “several bodies in one cremation, thus saving on payment and charging at the same time”.


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Selling to the college with the highest offer

During their investigation, the police found that two employees of the funeral home also had it he forged a document to resell a preserved body mortuary which they had to bury anyway. No family member of the deceased gave permission to examine him. They were generally looking for the four people arrested “People who died without family”according to the police, and especially “foreigners or (people) who have had precarious living conditions” to be able to “make irregularities”.


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For example, no university spent less 5,040 euros so the funeral home he burns eleven corpses learned before Bodies that never appeared “In the invoices issued by municipal crematoria”, we can still read. Proof of their cynicism, the aforementioned workers obtained the agreement of an old man who no longer had all his intellectual abilities. He accepted that his body would be used after him the dead, but in a specific medicine. In the end it was “sell” to another faculty “pay more”. All suspects must now be prosecuted.

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