They buy an old farmhouse to renovate it, but they don’t have the right to demolish it

It is no easier to fight that a property has been demolished than to fight to keep it from being destroyed. In 2019, a couple bought a farm in Noirmoutier-en-l’Île (Pays-de-la-Loire). But what did he do to them? acquiring that property, this is not its beauty, of course. In fact, the couple bought it there the sole purpose of demolishing it to rebuild a house that is much nicer and nicer, facing the sea. Problem: The French Building Architect (ABF) is firmly against this demolition.

As reported actu.frABF calculated that “Heritage Interest House” it was a building “vernacular” (local, Editor’s note) and “The original testimony of the architecture of the 1950s” helped the character “Picturesque Carre de la Madeleine”. According to the ABF, it could also hang at work Architect Jean Bossu, who “He worked with Le Corbusier” and who knows Reunion Island being at the origin of several buildings now classified as Historical Monuments.

Compensation of 16,000 euros

But owners don’t listen that way, and you intend to try everything to reverse that decision. Through their lawyer, the couple announced that their building is completely empty nothing from the traditional construction of the island and theirs “the construction project would have been much closer to Noirmoutrine architecture”. “We are immersed in a complete contradiction, the administrative authorities have gone completely wrong”emphasizes lawyer Me Alexandre Le Mière.

“My clients would never have bought this house in 2019 if they had known for a second that this equity coverage existed”, on January 16 he testified in front of the judge in Nantes. The owners are strict 16,000 euros in compensation to the municipality and 4,000 euros for their legal fees.. The administrative court has reserved its judgment and will issue it in about a month.

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