They are fighting to get permission to demolish their house

In demolition cases, it is often the courts that impose it on individuals, either because the construction is too dangerous, or because the building permit was not requested or respected. again because it was later cancelled. In this case reported by, the situation was reversed. It is the owners who demand demolition and the courts refuse…

In fact, a couple Noirmoutier-en-l’Île In 2019 he bought what he describes as a “farmhouse of sorts”, only to tear it down and replace it with a nicer house that would take full advantage of the sea view in his Madeleine beach neighborhood. The problem: if this 1950s construction is not protected in this way, French building architects (ABF) opposed this demolition, which prompted the council to reject the building permit. According to the ABF, As explained by Actu.frthis “Heritage Interest House” it would be a building “vernacular” And “The original testimony of the architecture of the 1950s” helped the character “picturesque” from de la Madeleine street.

Architectural “quality”.

Everyone has to make their own decision, based on the photos… What is certain is that the owners do not look like ABF. Through their lawyer, they announced that their building is not the traditional construction of the island and that their construction project would be much closer to the architecture of Noirmoutrine. In front of the administrative court of Nantes, on January 16, they intend to cancel the decree that denied the town’s mayor permission to build. Discussions focused particularly on the architectural quality of the house. Only ABF mentions it “qualities” of this house, as the couple’s lawyer, Me Alexandre Le Mière (Osborne Clarke), has stated “only buildings of “high” quality can be protected”. The administrative court of Nantes, reserving its judgment, should give its decision within a month. The public report, for its part, recommended rejecting the applicants and condemning them to pay 1,500 euros to the municipality of Noirmoutier-en-l’Île.

The house has a very nice location on Madeleine beach. Photo credit: Google Street View capture

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