These flowers should be planted now to ensure color in the spring

These flowers should be planted now to ensure color in the spring

Some species of bulbs can be planted in February to give beautiful flowers in the spring but also this summer.

As winter begins to fade, it’s time to think about preparing your garden for spring. Certain flowers should be planted now to ensure an explosion of color and fragrance from the first days of spring. For those who like to attract wildlife like butterflies and bees, Liatris is a wise choice. Native to North America, the perennial plants produce large purple flowers that form clusters that can be divided in the spring. Plant these bulbs in well-drained soil in a well-lit area about 5 inches deep for best results.

To add variety and color, ranunculus is a great choice. These spring bulbs offer a wide variety of vibrant colors. Planted in February in rich but well-drained soil, and placed in sun or partial shade, they bloom in summer. Summer wallflowers, as fragrant as they are fragrant, can also be planted from February onwards. These flowers, which grow in clay or limestone soil, start blooming in May and continue throughout the summer, enriching your garden with colors and scents.

Those with more green thumbs can choose daffodils or hyacinths, but they require more care and method. These bulbs need cold weather to bloom, which means monitoring the weather and constant care. To speed up flowering, first place them in low temperatures of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius for several weeks, then plant them in pots and place them in a greenhouse with a higher temperature. This method causes early flowering, from the end of February, simulating the arrival of spring.

Cape hyacinth is another easy choice for your garden. Known for its delicate bell scents reminiscent of vanilla, this plant is ideal for gardens, pots or pots. For best flowering throughout the summer, plant cape hyacinth from February in alkaline or neutral soil. One of its great advantages is that once planted, it requires little maintenance, with minimal watering during dry summers.

Which color to choose? The potted hyacinth, with its delicious fragrance, is available in a variety of colors such as pink, white, blue, purple, salmon or pale yellow. Potted daffodils also offer a wide variety, from clusters of delicately scented daffodils to trumpet-shaped flowers, small or large, including double flowers. The main colors are white and yellow, but there are also two-tone varieties with touches of salmon and orange. Enough to create a real festival of colors as soon as the sunny days arrive…

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