Thermal filters: Paris calls for postponement of rental ban

Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire considered delaying the timetable for banning the rental of thermal filters. before going back last September. “It is not possible to change the schedule as it was defined“, the tenant of Bercy assures that, in order to defend himself, he has declared himself “personally” in the press.

Politicians and professionals regularly unite to denounce this deadline, which is considered too close. Former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe described it as follows.madness” ban on renting thermal filters. Specifically, the rental of houses classified as G+ has been prohibited since January 1, 2023. It will be the turn of all category G homes from January 1, 2025, F in 2028 and E in 2034. At this time it was the turn. An elected communist, Jacques Baudrier, the deputy mayor of Paris responsible for the ecological transition of housing and buildings, wrote to Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, asking for a delay for co-owners who are already engaged in a renovation process. . Judging the calendar”unattainable», for the chosen one, reported Le Monde .

60,000 homes damaged in Paris

The schedule is too short for all co-owners involved in the renovation process to complete the work before January 1, 2025. It is likely that a very large majority of “G” category homes today are still in category “G” on January 1st and therefore cannot be re-rented.», he is worried. It is feared that the owners of G houses will not be able to finish the works in 2025 simply remove their property from the rental market. According to him, it would affect 60,000 homes in Paris. Gold, many young professionals want to own property but can’t not because rates go up and they remain tenants. The number of rental properties is already getting rarer and this schedule will not help.

Therefore, all properties labeled G will not be affected by this delay in the rental ban schedule. Jacques Baudrier proposes several criteria to be respected: the property must be part of a co-ownership and a draft multi-year work plan must be approved before January 1, 2026, with a timetable to achieve the housing before the minimum performance level. January 1, 2028. Or, at least, that the general diagnosis of the co-owner has been made and that the general meeting has voted to carry out the work, in the same terms. Jacques Baudrier’s position may be unexpected. The elected communist has always supported the renewal of thermal filters. But he fears there will be a housing shortage.

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