The strong gesture of an octogenarian who is selling his beautiful Basque house after losing it

Amélie has decided to part with her beautiful house located in Ahet in the Basque Country. For a much lower amount than could have been claimed. The octogenarian is therefore a financial loser but he is proud of his choice. “If he had sold his house and land at current market prices, he would have made at least four times as much.», emphasizes Lausséni Sangaré, director of the social landlord Habitat Sud Atlantique (HSA), who remains cautious about the exact amounts of the transaction. “It’s extraordinary, I don’t know if this has ever happened in France. In any case, I’m not sure that I will experience such situations in my professional career.», surprises Lausséni Sangaré.

For Améli, this gesture is completely natural: “When you get old you don’t eat foie gras or caviar every day. We live a simple life“. The municipality of Ahetz and Lausséni Sangaré were afraid that Amélie, 81 years old, had lost her mind. “It was necessary to ensure his informed will», explains the director of the HSA. But the octogenarian acted conscientiously and said with humor that he had never done anything like the others.

Free lifetime annuity

But why did he decide to reduce the financial margin he could? “We see too many scandals, young people who cannot get into property. The drama that is being played out is enormous. I don’t do politics, but we are losing our soul in the Basque Country», explains Amélie the southwest . He made an unexpected proposal to Habitat Sud Atlantique: he transferred his property to it in exchange for an annuity and allowed the social owner to demolish the property. Where? A program that includes two social rental homes, intended for inclusive housing for three adults with disabilities and five people with social ownership.

A type free life annuity which offers the tenant the opportunity to build a new registered office. This idea came to him after he received a letter from a real estate agency explaining that he could make a lot of money by selling his property, given its surface. The mail which angered him over the raging housing crisis. The residence will have the name chosen by Amelie: “Oroitzen” (I remember), to honor her parents, two farmers. With an area of ​​725 m², there will also be a medical room for four doctors, 20 parking spaces and a shared garden for residents. The building permit is due to be submitted in the coming weeks and delivery is scheduled for late 2025.

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