The famous painting was targeted all these times

Ethe reason for its popularity, Mona Lisa is addressed regularly. Last example: this Sunday, January 28, two environmental activists spilled the beans About the painting exhibited in the Louvre Museum. It’s not the first time on the web Leonardo DeVinci is a victim of vandalism.

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since 1911, Mona Lisa becomes famous all over the world his theft, the Italian glassmaker Vicenzo Peruggia, even though it is already installed on the first floor of the Louvre. While Guillaume Apollinaire and Pablo Picasso were suspected, the glassmaker actually kept the painting in his room for two years. When the work was returned to the Louvre museum in 1914, its security was strengthened, but since then attacks have been common.

1956: acid and projectile

1956 was an eventful year for Mona Lisa. The first paint was sprayed with acid, which damaged the canvas. In December of the same year, a young Bolivian threw a stone at him, breaking the protective glass, and the fragments damaged his left arm. Mona Lisa. After these evil acts, the window was shielded for greater protection.

1974: the red paint attack

Despite the attacks on the paintingMona Lisa he left it on loan Paris to several cities for exhibitions, including one in Tokyo in 1974. There, a visitor in a wheelchair threw red paint on the work. With this gesture, the woman wanted to complain about the lack of access ramps for people with disabilities in the museum.

2009: cup shot

In 2005, the protection of the painting was reinforced with security valued at 5 million euros. The Mona Lisa is protected by armored glass four meters high and two meters wide. The level of prevention came in handy in 2009 when a woman of Russian origin threw an empty glass against the table, unfortunately because she was not granted French nationality. The protective glass was broken, though Mona Lisa came out unscathed.

2022: “Mona Lisa” inlaid

This Sunday, January 28, 2024, before the two ecological activists douse themselves in soup, Mona Lisa He targeted May 2022. A young man took aim at the cream cakes thrown, making a gesture in favor of the environment.

It was him the target of a cream pie thrown by a young man bringing a gesture in favor of the environment. Disguised as an old woman, she got up from her wheelchair and tried to break the glass that protects the canvas.

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