The Delon Affair: The Samurai Clan

un inheritance drama? Symbolic parricide? A lost cheetah’s winter? The Delon affair combines many dimensions of tragedy, between inheritance myths and the sunset of a French legend. What did we know?Alain Delon these last years? Unseen alive, lonely on his estate in Douchy, this villager’s rural Xanadu, which is supposed to be the graveyard of this D.’s “Rosebud” dogs. The litany repeated in his rare public statements, cinema is dead, where have Gabin, Luchino, Lino, Romy, Mireille, Jean-Paul gone? In short, the fall of a Celluloid patriarch wandering in the labyrinths of his ego.

And suddenly there’s this Watergate in the front room, with recorded tapes, evicted partner, waiver of attorney, reserved part and accessible part, written the names of the birds…

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