The conversation Grand Corps Malad presents Reflets at the Zénith in Rouen

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Grand Corps Malade will present a new album ReflectionsAt Zenith de Rouen (Seine-Maritime)THE February 8, 2024. The conversation

76 acts : How did the title of the Reflets album come about?

Grand Corps Malade : Reflections it’s more about the overall spirit of the album. It is a reflection of our times, of the society around us, the reflection of the public. In Self-reflection I play the Self Portrait game.

A song calls us: 2083

It was difficult for me to imagine not talking about the topic of climate, this topic is increasingly interpellating and worrying me. In this song I talk about my grandson.

Maybe you could take your son to talk?

There you are more pessimistic than me. We won’t wait until 2083 for everything to change. I didn’t write anything randomly, I asked, I read and climate change will really happen between 2070-2080. We won’t be able to take a significant step back, but the worst could happen if we don’t react. I tried to sound the alarm, otherwise it will be the end of beans in 2040.

Videos: currently in Actu

In The next day, you present three different destinations. How did these fates come to you?

I am a sponsor of an association that helps children with cancer. So I easily found my first inspiration. The second is a person on the street at the age of 50. By the third, I have experienced many more after my accident.

Singer or slammer?

Slam is a live moment, on stage. Today I am a singer, I am on stage with musicians. I like to sing more than before. It’s really cool to sing the choruses with the audience.

A young artist, Nikola, will open for you on your tour. How did you discover it?

My team was the one who found out about it and then they told me about it. He is a very beautiful artist, very complete, already an author, a composer. He’s so comfortable on stage, he really has a thing for himself. I’m glad to be out in the open.

You are also a manager. You are directing a biopic about Charles Aznavour. Why did you choose it?

He is an awesome character. I sang with him, I wrote for him. We wanted to do it with his family. We are at the end of the file, in post-production. The release is scheduled for October.

At the Zénith, avenue des Canadiens, Grand Quevilly, Thursday, February 8, at 8:00 p.m. Prices: between 35 and 69 euros.

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