the actor was placed “under the protection of justice”.

it haslain Delon was placed under judicial protection by a protection court judge. A third agent has been named, according to eco information BFMTV, January 29, Monday. As part of this protection measure, 88 year old actor can still carry out daily activities, except for the most important ones. After this decision, the transfer of real estate, for example, must be carried out under the control of an appointed agent.

The role of this third party chosen by the judge is also to support the protected person throughout the follow-up of the doctor and in the selection of doctors. The judge’s decision was sent to the familyAlain Delon this Monday, as reported by the news channel. “This decision is to be welcomed,” assured M.e Frank Berton, lawyerAnouchka Delondaughter of the actor

A family torn apart

It is a question of discernment Delon children are at the heart of the fight about taking care of dad. The actor, in the space of six months, signed contradictory certificates in 2023: one, where he says he wants to be close to his daughter Anouchka, who lives in Switzerland; the other, who says he wants to stay in his house in Douchy, France. The eldest son, Anthony Delon, accuses his sister Anouchka of trying to return Alain Delon to Switzerland in order to pay too much inheritance tax.

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