Stéphane Bern, soon the mayor of Thiron-Gardais?

SWill Téphane Bern be the next councilor of the 1,000-strong Thiron-Gardais? After the resignation of the mayor, municipal partial elections will be held on March 17 and 24. Three seats must be filled famous presenter Secrets of history He presented his candidacy, reports Republican echo.

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Having lived full-time in the Eure-et-Loir community for three years, he can count on his national, but also local fame, the TV presenter being the owner of the town’s royal and military school since 2013. fame for the sake of my community… It is not an egoistic approach: I humbly want to put myself at the service of the community”, he explained to our colleagues.

Heritage as a profession of faith

“I believe that every citizen must commit to his country”, he continues before presenting his candidacy “as a logical continuation”. In fact, the mayor who has resigned, Victor Provôte, called him during the celebration 900 years the abbey.

True to his quest, Mr. of heritage PAF he wants to make culture the pillar of his action for the people. And he set himself a goal: “to give the town the label of a small town with full character”. He added: “The legacy he is very rich. There are more and more visitors. »

This is not the first time Stéphane Bern He runs for election. He was a municipal councilor on the 9the In the Paris area from 1995 to 2001. He was the president of the music conservatory there and in charge of cultural activities.

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