“Star Academy”: Pierre wins the final against Julien

Most viewers wrote 2… and it was Pierre who won “Star Academy” on TF 1 this Saturday evening. Sovereign, the public crowned 21-year-old Norman with a mustache and a small mustache, rather than Julien, a 24-year-old from Pale with bright eyes. With 55.6% of the votes, Pierre therefore won 100,000 euros and the certainty of recording an album, at the end of a final full of suspense. “It will be a headache to decide between you,” warned Patrick Bruel. “This week, however, the scores are very close,” added Nikos Aliagas.

From the beginning of the evening, the tireless presenter made no effort to make the audience understand the stakes of this “priiiiime”. “Almost three months ago, an extraordinary adventure began, which would seal their fate and bind them all for life,” enthused Nikos, recalling that there were thirteen candidates on November 4, “castleuuu”. The host compared the finalists to “two gladiators on the field, the voice the only weapon”, “two contestants for the same crown”. And he promised a “five-star final”.

In fact, The early season false note seemed far away. When the participants of this edition of “Star Ac'” arrived on the set rocking to Jean-Jacques Goldman’s “J’irai au bout de mes rêve”, we realized that we had already forgotten some some But Pierre and Julien, very elegant in black suits, largely held their place. The first with his charming, slightly scratchy tone and his mischievous smile. The second with his strong voice, always strong in his interpretations… except when he sang “The Times of the Cathedrals”.

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Julien wanted to “get revenge” by getting that lost success in a previous session… and he tripped again. “Oh shit! “, he shouted in the middle of the song. But nothing to spoil the evening. “You’re not here for nothing,” he commented Adeline Toniutti, singing teacher. The two best of the 2023-2024 class competed in Patrick Bruel’s “Casser la voix” or Prince’s “Purple rain”. And each of them together with other artists (with Pierre Yseult and Dadju, Julien with Patrick Fiori and Tayce), alone (along with Pierre Michel Jonasz, Raphaël and Céline Dion, Julien stood out in Édith Piaf and Johnny Hallyday) or in a trio (with Vitaa as). , dressed as a vestal).

Pierre and Djadju sing… Pierre!

At 23:30, Pierre also sang… Pierre. While doing “Complicated” with Dadju, the latter interrupted himself. “Today I want to have fun and I don’t want people to sing Dadju, I want people to sing Pierre,” he declared. While the candidate picked up the guitar, Dadju had a good time: “Uncle Nikos doesn’t like surprises like this directly”. “It’s a first for Star Ace,” confirmed the presenter from the stage. Pierre and Dadju, together with all the candidates of this promotion, then sang “What we were”, a piece composed by Pierre himself. Quite a spotlight on finalist Norman…

In their respective towns, Villedieu-les-Poêles and Pau, Pierre and Julien had the support of their “communities”. We could see their fan clubs through the duplexes hosted by two former TF 1 telecrochet candidates, Mathieu Johann (from “Star Academy” 2004) And Houcine (Class of 2002), both excited. There were banners and shouts. It was “huge”, “absolutely crazy”, “crazy crazy”, “crowd is wild”, “party”, “fire”. But some obviously overheated their phones.

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