“Rivarol” in “Star Academy”: the production apologizes

Lit shakes up social media. Saturday afternoon, meanwhile the final star academy It is broadcast live on TF1Internet users noticed that it was one of the newspapers used for the staging far-right newspaper, Rivarol. The weekly used by dancers appeared in the background of the performance of candidate Julien in a duet with Patrick Fiori with the title. that you are back.

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The public, once again, responded for this 11e edition of star academy Saturday evening: 4.27 million watched the final. The anti-Semitic publication – whose editorial director, Jérôme Bourbon, was convicted of opposing crimes against humanity and inciting racial hatred after a video of the Vél’ d’Hiv gathering – thus benefited from unprecedented exposure.

The production company apologizes

The performance featuring the newspaper was quickly spread on social networks, especially by teacher and columnist Tristan Mendès France. “I had to deal with it, because it’s so absurd. And yes, someone star academy last night, therefore, he had the idea to give the extras a copy (or several) of the anti-Semitic and racist rag. Rivarol (several times convicted by the courts)”, wrote X.

Endemol, which co-produces the show, reacted in a statement posted on Twitter: “We regret and strongly condemn a propaganda newspaper that is completely against our values. Star Academy, appeared in a painting in last night’s finale. »

Before apologizing, the group stated that it is “in the process of investigating” how the newspaper ended up on the set of the show and confirms that “the necessary sanctions will be taken accordingly”.

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