Rent: Cities where the number of rental properties is decreasing

The rental market he is not about to get out of the crisis. According to a study published Monday by real estate classifieds site SeLoger, rental property stocks have fallen 36% nationally over the past two years. This shortage of supply is mainly explained by the increase in mortgage rates, which has been punishing buyers for almost two years. “Forced to abandon purchase plans, many first-time buyers are not letting go, which is significantly affecting the number of properties being offered for rent.», analyzed Barbara Castillo Rico, director of economic studies at SeLoger. Capital invites you to discover the evolution of the rental offer, in one and three years, in the main cities of France.

The shortage of rental housing has worsened particularly in metropolitan areas in recent months. In Paris, inventory fell by less than 50% in a year, the most dramatic drop among major French cities. In the last three years, the number of apartments for rent has dropped by 74% in the capital. “Although prices have fallen by 8% in two years, the increase in rates has particularly affected demandcontinues Barbara Castillo Rico. Paris remains a very expensive city, transactions are increasingly rare and this is directly reflected in the evolution of the volumes of rental apartments.’

The Olympics worsened the crisis in Paris

But other phenomena can also explain the drop in rental offers in Paris. The ban on renting the worst thermal filters from 1 January 2023 actually penalizes tenants in Paris, as the capital has less than 35% of energy filters. Also, with the Olympics approaching, many owners are choosing to rent out their accommodation on platforms such as Airbnb, further reducing the supply of available properties.

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Even large provincial towns are not exempt from the shortage of rental properties. In Toulouse and Bordeaux, for example, the housing stock fell by 45% and 31% in a year. Even medium-sized cities, such as Mérignac (-24.1% in one year) or Cannes (-26%), are reducing their offers.

And since bad news never comes alone, this shortage of rental supply automatically leads to an increase in rents. The latter, in fact, have grown by an average of 3.5% in a year at national level in 2023. An increase in 2023 by a high rental reference index (IRL) (limit of 3.5%), due to inflation.

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