Rent a storage unit, the solution to free up space at home!

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Are you doing some major spring cleaning at home? Over time, objects, clothes and various equipment accumulate in every corner. Often, we only realize the extent of these accumulations when moving. Don’t put off cleaning your house! To organize your belongings more efficiently, call a furniture storage specialist! This specialized site allows you to search online for a safe in your area, based on your budget and rental period. Discover 1381 furniture warehouses in France to keep your belongings as close as possible to you. Easy, custom steps are yours for an interior that breathes again.

Furniture storage, a beneficial solution…

When objects or devices are mixed, we tend to store them in the basement, attic or garage. These places are often damp, dirty and unsafe, and do not guarantee the protection of your valuables. Choose a box to rent furniture storage specialist it provides additional and secure storage space for your personal effects, archives, gardening or sports equipment.

Self storage has many advantages for individuals and professionals. Individual and secure, it protects your property thanks to an alarm and video surveillance system, keeping the quality of your furniture perfectly insulated from dust and moisture. Unlike a cellar or attic, a storage box protects your large objects (mattresses, box springs, bicycles, etc.), your important documents, your collections or your fragile personal effects against bad weather, insects and rodents, while at the same time deletes them. fire hazard

The storage unit adapts to your needs with different sizes, from 2 to 20 m2. This flexible solution gives you full access to your assets, available at any time, with unlimited 24/7 access. Browse thousands of storage boxes online across France!

Space rental, an economic alternative to freeing up space

Renting a storage unit offers financial advantages. The cost depends on supply and demand or the economic situation. For example, in Lyon, the average cost of storage space is around 15 euros per square meter per month. In Marseille, count around 80 euros per month to rent a 5 m2 box. While in Paris, prices vary between 35 and 150 euros per month for a box between 1 and 5 m2, and between 300 and 400 euros per month for a space between 10 and 15 m2.

Storage box, daily help…

Do you need to store your garden furniture in winter? To protect your tools from bad weather? To safely store your bike, your skis, your sports equipment or your camping equipment? No more room for Christmas decorations at the end of December? If you’re running out of space at home to store your things, choose a furniture storage specialist!

Young parents will also be able to relax with the baby’s belongings stored in the storage unit. They will also be able to easily archive their children’s school services, such as previous years’ calculations, diplomas or notebooks.

A storage box is also an ideal solution if your interior lacks storage or lockers. Don’t be embarrassed anymore!

A solution adapted to unexpected and occasional needs

The storage box is a solution that is as useful as it is practical in everyday life. It offers a significant advantage in some unexpected situations. If you are moving, moving abroad or relocating, renting a storage unit allows you to store your furniture or belongings easily and safely.

Individuals will also need a storage specialist in case of divorce or death, when they do not have enough space to store furniture or belongings indefinitely.

A service that meets the needs of professionals

Professionals can also call in furniture storage specialists. Self-storage is ideal for stores or retailers that receive large shipments on a regular basis, need to store products, materials and tools, or need to keep samples on hand. Bargain hunters and flea and garage sale enthusiasts will also be able to easily pile up their finds without cluttering up their apartment.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term or temporary solution, choose a storage box rental. With this furniture storage specialist, quickly find a safe storage place for 15 days, a month or two years!

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