Quentin Dupieux, unidentified filming subject and French VII. the most sought after art filmmaker.

On a November morning in 2022, film producer Thomas Verhaeghe works in the office of his company Atelier de production, on rue Saint-Augustin in Paris (II arrondissement). Then he gets a disturbing phone call. After editing three films together, director Quentin Dupieux told him he had a problem with “Daaaaaali!” », next: he has to change the main actor, because the task is “too complex for a man”.

The rest after this announcement

He wants eight actors to play Salvador Dali. The headliner that was originally planned, and whose name has not been disclosed, will not be part of it. The financier tries to reason with his friend, who is inflexible, and takes it upon himself to announce the news to the “fired one”, who has been preparing for the role for two months.

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