Property: Are prices holding steady in January before rising again?

Is this the end of the lull already? real estate market ? According to the data disclosed and communicated by the Best Agents index The echoes, prices did not continue to fall in January. remained stable, 3,116 euros per square meter on average in France as well as in the 50 largest cities, which grew by 26.6% and 33.2% respectively in ten years. On the other hand, in the last month prices have fallen slightly in rural areas (0.6%), and even more so. in Paris (0.3%). In the capital, prices fell by 5.5% in a year and today you have to pay an average of 9,581 euros per m² to be able to afford a house. It’s always far away Pretty (5,090 euros per m²) where prices have not changed in a month, and before Lyon (4,825 euros) where, however, they have increased by 0.1 points.

This is the lesson of these Best Agent indexes: in some cities, prices have started to rise again. is the case of Reims (+ 0.6% in January) and therefore in Lyon. And the increase is even more significant in cities such as Le Mans, Saint-Étienne or Le Havre (+ 1%). The housing segment also increased prices by 0.1 points, where on February 1 the cost per square meter was 2,503 euros, according to what was said. The echoes. Will prices rise again? “It’s a seasonal effect. January is rarely dynamic. Let’s be careful”deciphered by the scientific director of Meilleurs Agents, Thomas Lefebvre.


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Marketing times are getting longer

The real estate specialist is waiting for more prospects to draw conclusions, especially according to him, “the situation remains complicated” due to the purchasing power of the French (-15-20% in two years). Take into account marketing durations goods are always high : 84 days in Montpellier, 83 in Toulouse or 80 in Nantes. In the latter, it takes four more days a month, as for the city of Haute-Garonne, it is one week more.


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But real estate professionals do not want to be alarmists, because the market is still not in balance and sales are increasing in some cities. “We sense a rebound in demand, which contrasts with the end of 2023”, network president Laforêt prefers to believe with Les Échos. except today buyers those who have ability to borrow can allowing prices to be negotiated : this was the case for eight out of ten homes last year, the principal of Laforête admits. And long-term sales are the ones that suffer the most: a drop of up to 10%. Bad news for sellers…

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