Pierre Arditi talks about his discomfort on stage

“II fell like a mass. on the set of What a time! Saturday, February 3, in the evening, actor Pierre Arditi he came back in his second illnessWhich was done during the performance of the play Lapin, on December 8, as indicated BFMTV.

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As the 79-year-old actor explained, he “lost consciousness very quickly” at the beginning of the show, and that he did not have many memories of that moment. “I fell like a mass into Muriel Robin’s arms,” ​​he continued. “At first the audience laughed because they thought it was in the play,” he said.

According to Pierre Arditi, the first evil that happened “a long time ago”, “very violent”, was responsible for it. “There was more than a slight hint of something that caused what we politely called ‘discomfort’ (…), but I have no conclusions,” said the actor.

Putting the “soft pedal”.

One event, he got the support of his audience. “I didn’t think I was that popular,” he joked, “I had to be so uncomfortable for people to say they liked me. »

On September 27, Pierre Ardi, who has a parallel career in theatre, television and cinema he already felt unwell on stage, causing a brief hospitalization. The artist then rested and returned to the stage in early October, before canceling further performances due to exhaustion. The play resumed at the beginning of November, with the actor “resting enough”.

But the victim, who lost consciousness again at the beginning of December, was “taking it easy,” the actor said. “I will take off my shoes and start working again in a reasonable dose,” he concluded. He will return to the stage of La Pépinière de Paris on February 13.

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