“One Piece”, Pikachu, Lucky Luke… YouTuber Cyprien and his tanks attack the carnival in Nice

“I went to the Nice carnival as a child. For me, it kept the same image. Maybe it gave me a taste for directing. My parents didn’t understand why I wanted to dress up every time. It’s their fault, really! » Back to basics this Tuesday morning Cyprien, the second biggest YouTuber in France after Squeezie. “This sun is crazy. I come here several times a year because I have family, but I never get tired of it,” he says, smiling behind his sunglasses.

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A few minutes earlier, the thirty-year-old found in a hangar the first glimpses of the unexpected creation of his long career: carnival float which will parade in front of ten thousand spectators from February 17 to March 3. And the result, away from prying eyes, will appear at the last moment.

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