‘No reason to be sad’ for Margot Robbie after missing out on Oscar nomination for ‘Barbie’

No problem for him. Australian actress Margot Robbie has responded for the first time to her lack of an Oscar nomination last week. The incarnation of Barbie in the film of the same name, a big hit in theaters in 2023reported the American magazine The variety.

A decision From Oscar’s Academy that got people talking, especially since actor Ryan Gosling (Ken) is the subject of a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category. The song “I’m Just Ken” is also nominated for Best Original Score, as is another song from the film, “What Was I Made For?” In total, the film received 8 nominations, but none for its lead actor. nor its director Greta Gerwig.

“I’ve never seen a film that has such an impact on culture.”

“There’s no reason to be sad when you know you’re lucky,” Margot Robbie said at a meeting about the lack of nominations. with SAG-AFTRA, while adding that Greta Gerwig was the one who upset her a little more in the Best Director race. “It seems obvious to me that Greta should be appointed director,” he said. What he did only happens once in a career, once in a lifetime. But it’s been a terrible year for all films.”

“We wanted to do something that would change the culture, that would affect, that would affect. And that is what he has already done, and more, more than we could ever imagine. And that’s really the biggest reward we can get from all of this,” he emphasized. “People’s reactions have been the biggest reward. (…) I have never seen a film that has such an impact on culture. And it’s terrible to be in the eye of the storm,” he explained.

Actor Ryan Gosling stepped up to the plate

Ryan Gosling was one of the first to express the incomprehensible announcing the nominations: “I am very honored to be nominated (…) but there is no Ken without Barbie, and there is no movie. barbie Without Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie. To say that I am disappointed not to have been nominated in the respective categories would be an understatement,” he said in a statement.

Many netizens highlighted the irony of the situation, seeing that “Barbie” It is intended to be a sharp satire on the difficulties women face in recognizing their talents. “Naming Ken but not Barbie is literally the plot of the movie,” reacted novelist Brad Meltzer on X (ex-Twitter).

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