New role for Victoria Beckham

L the alliance between brands and creators of different universes is a well-known and effective commercial strategy. The announcement of the collaboration between the Swiss manufacturer Breitling And Victoria Beckham From this point of view, it is only a logical continuation of a well-implemented strategy since a venture capital fund acquired the label in 2017. the arrival of its current CEO, Georges Kern. The author of one of the biggest commercial successes of the last five years in the watchmaking sector did not hesitate to expand the house’s offer, diversifying the territories previously focused on aviation (“Terre-Air-Sea”) and the price ranges (between 3,500 and 3,500 euros). 69,000 euros). With that task accomplished, it’s time for the feminization of the catalog to try to maintain its frenetic pace of growth.

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New face

In order not to betray the spirit of adventure and luxury that characterizes its timepieces, Breitling relies on strong women, supported by a large community. After a first campaign featuring the Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, Chronomat, known for its metal Rouleaux bracelet and 15-minute indexes, has been enriched with a limited edition of 1,500 pieces, modeled by Victoria Beckham. Highlighted in the designer’s clothes in the campaign signed by Mario Sorrenti, the watches, available in mint green, midnight blue, dove gray or sand, gain appeal and allow the customer to project himself with a watch that fully embraces its role as an accessory.

Effective in reinforcing the credibility of the manufacture’s fashion, this collaboration reinforces Victoria Beckham’s ability to blend into a variety of unexpected roles. A modern-day zelig, the former Spice Girl of the 1990s was the archetype of the footballer’s wife in the 2000s before becoming fashionable in the late 2010s. Acclaimed character among the general public and praised by his peers. Having recently – successfully – launched into the overcrowded field of beauty, he does it discreetly but successfully in the design of the timepiece, so delicate.

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