Neuralink placed its first brain implant in a patient

Elon Musk he never stops moving in the direction of innovation, and he likes to make it known. The latest example: the announcement of the installation of a first brain implant Neuralink reports Insider. The American neurotechnology startup develops implants of the brain direct neural interfaces, and it was created by an American billionaire and his whole team. for the first time Neuralink therefore placed the implant, even if the operation has been carried out by other companies in the past. In the X social network, Elon Musk welcomed this progress. “The patient is recovering well. (…) The first results show promising neural activity”he wrote

This implant called telepathy is a device that allows you to “control your phone or computer, and through them, any other device, by thinking”, he clarified. A dedicated implant patients who have lost the use of a limb. “Imagine if Stephen Hawking could communicate faster than a typist or an auctioneer. (…) It is the goal”, he was happy Last MayThe US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the green light to Neuralink.

Elon Musk would like to have the implant installed

That implant was already in place, but in the brain of a macaque that managed to play the video game Pong without a controller or keyboard. But according to some specialists, Neuralink would not be able to solve mental health problems in a person suffering from Alzheimer’s, for example. On the other hand, its technology can stimulate the electrodes, thus helping disabled patients to achieve better mobility or blind people to see. For its first human trials, Neuralink was looking for patients with spinal cord injuries or paralysis in all four limbs.

Big fundraiser for Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain implant startup

But Elon Musk sees more. The one who stated that one day he would insert the implant finally wants it create an interface so powerful that it will allow humans to process information faster, speeding up cognition “Achieving a kind of symbiosis with artificial intelligence”. Experts, however, are skeptical. Last September, the company Onward announced a trial of connecting a brain implant with another that stimulates the spinal cord. Objective: to restore mobility to a quadriplegic patient. And in 2019, researchers at the Grenoble Clinatec institute presented an equivalent implant.

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