Mona Lisa dumped soup: “Our role is not to control”… museums feel powerless

Things are going well at the Louvre and the major museums in Paris… like Monday. Sunday soup is not valid. Liquid splashed on Mona Lisa’s face, certainly behind its armored glass, two women wearing a T-shirt Nutrition Answer (Former Last Update), This Sunday morning, the fact that the hall was closed for an hour and a half, left the managers of the establishments powerless. When the two activists demanding “the integration of food into the general social security system” passed the bar protecting Leonardo da Vinci’s icon, the four people who protect this highly controlled work did not make contact.

The rest after this announcement

Employees can intervene if they feel physically threatened, without obligation. Their daily job above the Mona Lisa, in this very compact space, is to make the crowd lighter, organized in a serpentine line, and to remind the many tourists who take selfies in front of the Madonna to make room for the next ones. The security regulars at the museum think they reacted perfectly this Sunday: they pulled out the black panels very quickly to try to reduce the media impact of the action, cleared the room without raising their voices, so as not to add to the stress, and then detained the two activists. The museum announced that it was filing a complaint.

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