“Mona eyes” by Thomas Schlesser: the wonderful fate of a novel sold worldwide

“Mother, everything is black. » For sixty-three minutes, Mona, a bubbly 10-year-old girl, suddenly loses her sight before regaining it. But there is his blindness become permanent one day? “What should he carry, then, in the basement of his memory, in the darkness of his brain? » asked Thomas Schlesser, professor and director of art history at the Polytechnique Hartung Bergman Foundation. Not for long, because the answer is obvious. The child must take as baggage all the beauties of the world that are works of art. “These little miracles that we find available in museums. »

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Before night takes the child, the grandfather, for one year, presents him with a job a week. What emerges is a great and very moving story, which Thomas Schlesser tells us in his first novel “Mona’s eyes”. A story that has only just been released, but is already shaping up to be one of the best sellers of the year.

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