MaPrimeAdapt’: terms, order and amount

What is MaPrimeAdapt’?

Helping to keep the elderly or disabled in their homes

MaPrimeAdapt’ is the only support available from January 1, 2024, to finance home adaptation works.

The purpose of creating this new system is, above all, to facilitate the procedures necessary before obtaining financing by centralizing access.

The purpose of Ma Prime Adapt’ is to keep people with loss of autonomy and/or disability at home by doing development work.

System to compensate for the aging of the French population

Here the device fulfills a growing need, related to the aging of the population. Since 80% of the French want to grow old at home, housing for the elderly makes it possible to adapt.

Thus, it is open from the age of 70 without conditions related to the loss of autonomy. The aim of the system is to speed up the adaptation of the private housing stock demographic situation.

Special help to adapt Anah housing that replaces the “Living Easy” system

MaPrimeAdapt’ replaces previously offered devicesAnna (National Housing Agency), which is:

  • Help to live easy,
  • Assistance from the National Retirement Insurance Fund (housing and living environment),
  • correlative tax credit.

Energy audit: situation, procedure and price

What are the differences between Ma Prime Adapt’ and MaPrimeRénov’?

Ma Prime Adapt’ helps to manage the problem of disability or aging at home with the adaptation of the home, thanks to a grant to do the work. The goal is to keep the elderly in their homes.

MaPrimeRénov is the main financial aid of the State to start up energy innovation homes that require It refers to insulation and heating and affects both individual homes and collectives.

The devices therefore do not have the same goals.

Good to know : MaPrimeAdapt’ can be combined with energy renewal aids such as MaPrimeRénov.

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What are the requirements to benefit from MaPrimeAdapt?

Several conditions are required to benefit from Ma Prime Adapt’.

Eligible persons

First of all, the system applies to the following categories of people:

  • Disabled people regardless of age, with a disability rate greater than or equal to 50% or PCH (disability compensation),
  • 60 to 69 years old, with early loss of autonomy, proven GIR level (iso-resource group) from 1 to 6,
  • Over 70 years old with no other addictions/health conditions.

The system applies to owner-occupiers or tenants of private properties, living in mainland France and abroad.

Finally, the system is available according to resource conditions. Only low and very low income categories are eligible. They are classified according to this color code:

  • very modest income ➔ blue
  • modest income ➔ yellow

The scale is based on the reference fiscal income and varies according to the place of residence.

2024 resource conditions in Île-de-France

Here is the Île-de-France scale:

Scale Île-de-France and Overseas

Here is a detailed scale of resources from Île-de-France and Offshore:

Housing Solidarity Fund (FSL): conditions, application and amount

What is the procedure for tapping MaPrimeAdapt’?

Steps to make your order

MaPrimeAdapt is a financial aid distributed by Anah (National Housing Agency). The allowance is given in several stages.

Make an appointment at

Appointments are made with a counselor or at a counter called “autonomy” near home (Espace Conseil France Rénov, France Services, etc.).

Create a file with a project management assistant (AMO)

The second step is to contact an Anah authorized project management consultant (AMO) to help complete the file. He makes the diagnosis, the construction project and the financing plan at the home of the beneficiary. This stage lasts about a month.

Submit your application online

The application must be completed online on the website The application can also be made using a paper form. Anah then examines the file. The response period is approximately one and a half months.

The work must be carried out by an RGE-certified craftsman

THE artisan’s choice it is done with the project management assistant. It has to be the latter Labeled RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment). In other words, he is recognized as having the authority to carry out the work to acquire housing and to adapt to the loss of autonomy.

Receiving financial assistance

The payment of the aid is made, on average, two weeks after the completion of the work. Meanwhile, the manager comes to check execution of works.

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What is the amount of My Adapted Prime in 2024?

Limitation of the aid amount

The amount of Ma Prime Adapt’ is calculated at the limit of the ceiling of 22,000 euros for the construction site.

Amount that varies by income

Then the equivalent of the subsidy will be:

  • 70% of the cost of the work for households classified in the very low income category
  • 50% of the cost of the work for households classified in the low income category

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What work does MaPrimeadapt support?

Not all jobs are acceptable. Only those necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of the homes will be covered, depending on the needs of the occupants.

These so-called “adjustment” works to housing disability and the limits of old age can affect both the interior and the exterior. Here are some examples:

  • Italian shower with seat
  • Lifting toilet with grab bar
  • Automated stair lift
  • Automatic motion-sensing lighting
  • Wheelchair access ramp for people with reduced mobility
  • Electric blinds
  • Doors adapted for the use of people with reduced mobility (enlarged).

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