“Les Extatiques” in La Défense: a spectacular exhibition in the cellars of the neighborhood

The clear waters… are fed by old pesticide spraying systems. Huge jerseys erected in the form of a large transparent building, illuminated in many colors. To discover them, you have to go down two steps below La Defense esplanade, in what we call the “Cathedral”. It is there, around 5,000 m2 of a space that used to connect the basement of the Les 4 Temps shopping center and the RER station, closed to the public for many years, “Les Extatiques” contemporary art exhibition is being held. A first in these basements.

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Places that have been inhabited ever since it was born at the end of the 1950s as the largest business district in Europe, where the sculptor Raymond Moretti occupied his own workshop 1,000 until his death in 2005. m2 impressive ceiling height, and there he created his “Monster”, more than a monumental sculpture. This essential step is the last of the exhibition, which lasts 45 minutes or 1:30, where the visitor answers his questions accompanied by an artist.

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