Is Vladimir Putin the secret owner of this luxury villa?

Its services are enough to make anyone dream: two heliports, docks the yachtstrout hatchery, production farm “marbled beef”three modules… This incredible villa is located 30 km from the Finnish border, reported TF1. But above all, it would be this villa that would stretch over a hundred hectares with three modern houses on the shores of Lake Ladoga. Vladimir Putin. That’s what the research center says Middle folder In a video It was presented on January 29.

If the journalists in this unit do not specify how they obtained the video, they describe the ultramodern domain in great detail. They would have he used a drone and even foiled an air defense system which would protect the residence, learn The news. This research unit would, in fact, be funded by the adversary in exile, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The former director of Yukos was imprisoned in 2003 “fraud on a grand scale” And “tax fraud” Before being pardoned by Vladimir Putin himself in 2013.

Putin already has several residences

Still according to information from the Dossier Center, that site would have been particularly damaged because it is located in the heart of a national park, therefore privatized by Vladimir Putin. As evidence, the journalists of the research unit explainA natural waterfall, located opposite, would now only be visible… to the residents of the villa, if they are sitting in the outdoor living room. Also, according to local residents, the Russian president who declared war on Ukraine only comes once a year. Officially, this headquarters located in the Republic of Karelia belongs to businessman Yuri Kovalchuk. He is “In charge of the President’s leisure activities and in charge of all his real estate”According to Dossier Center.

He also owns a hotel nearby, as does another oligarch, the former owner of the English football club Chelsea, Roman Abramovitch. This wonderful new residence would be added to it dacha» He already has it in Gelendzhik, on the shores of the Black Sea, near Sochi. Last June, independent Russian media the project it also revealed the existence of a real “tsar’s town” near his official domain. A town for families and loved ones, made up of villas with some quirks, like a “golden glitter” 72,000 euros or so “marble bar” It has a value of 110,000 euros. Mostly houses financed by offshore companies or candidates, according to Proekt.

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