“I’m looking for true love”: Sharon Stone recounts the craziest Tinder dates

Unlike a Tinder match. Sharon StoneA real icon of the cinema of the 1990s, he said in an interview with a British magazine The Times that he is registered on the flame dating app with his “real identity” with the aim of finding a soul mate.

“It’s not like I’m on Tinder to have sex with someone!” That’s easy (…) I’m looking for true love”, says the “Basic Instinct” actor. In this interview, the 65-year-old actor reveals that he has had a lot of failed dates lately.

In particular, she recounts having an exchange with an ex-prisoner, a man who could not accept her divorce, another who experienced his wife’s abortion very badly, or even “a heroin addict, who clearly had 20,000 more heroin injections than in the photo he sent me.”

“This year will be good”

On these dates, each one crazier than the last, it seems that the one who has always been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world has often had to “play the psychologist”, but nevertheless she remains confident. “I have the impression that this year will be good,” he says.

As for the few good people he was able to interact with on the app, it happened during the pandemic, which prevented him from meeting his matches in “real life”. The “Total Recall” actress says she is currently dating an aeronautical engineer and says she has no criteria.

This is not the first time Sharon Stone she decides to register on dating sites under her real identity. In 2019, she signed up to Bumble, but unfortunately quickly saw her account banned after many users reported a fake profile, not thinking that a star could register on dating sites.

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