I have several apartments in one building: can I create a single DPE for all of them?

Monthly, “Great real estate event” (Capital / Radio Immo) answers your questions through its sequence”It belongs to you». Our experts – lawyers, notaries, real estate agents – solve the most complex legal problems and offer you the right advice if you want to sell, buy, rent or renovate your property. In this sequence, Julien Maudy Meilleursbiens.com Answers a question from Brice de Brest. Brice owns a rental complex with 5 apartments in one building. He should do it diagnostic energy performance (DPE) for the whole or for each apartment?

In response, Julien Maudy explains to Brice two clear scenarios. If our auditor owns all the apartments in the building, then he can do only one DPE and then he will report on each lease. For more details, however, our expert advises to make a DPE for each accommodation, each property specific characteristics in terms of energy performance. Second scenario: If our auditor owns multiple properties in the building without owning the entire building, a de facto DPE is required for each accommodation.

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