Housing: The scary decline in construction since 2006, in infographic

THE”supply shock», a miraculous solution to the housing crisis? In his time they made a general policy statement yesterday in the AssemblyGabriel Attal released this formula, confirming that he wanted to build “30,000 new homes within three years“. This announcement comes against the background of very serious difficulties for the housing sector, stuck A crisis that would threaten up to 300,000 jobs by 2025. As a result, the crisis increases the difficulty of obtaining a loan, especially for home buyers – new or old. sudden increase in credit rates in the first year Then, this loss of purchasing power has an impact on real estate sales, which fell last year.

However, a “supply shock» 30,000 additional homes in three years would be far from solving all the problems of the sector. Let’s look in the rearview mirror for a moment. In 2023, according to data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, 280,000 new housing projects have started, for houses or apartments. However, this figure has been eroding for many years. For the year 2024, professionals also predict They begin to build an additional 16% decline, compared to last year. Far from the symbolic bar of 500,000 projects that many professionals want to achieve, according to them, meeting the new housing needs of the French. The last bar arrived in 2006, according to the historical records of the BPCE group (Banque populaire-Caisse d’épargne). Discover the slow and steady decline in new home construction since that date with our infographic.

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