“Housing supply shock”: Gabriel Attal when he confirms an old promise of Macron

Phew, the prime minister said the word “hostel” meanwhile general policy discourse, this Tuesday, January 30. in front of an unprecedented crisis Since the beginning of 2022 the sector has been experiencing, and depending on the sector the government does not give enough answers, Gabriel Attal wants “Unlock Housing”. How? creating a “supply shock”.

Doesn’t that remind you of anything? Well, a little effort! The shake-up of housing supply was a promise made by candidate Macron—the current leader of Gabriel Attal—seven years ago. In 2017, Emmanuel Macron promised the French a supply shock to lower house prices and allowing everyone to enter the home. With the goal of creating 500,000 homes a year.

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2.6 million French people waiting for social housing

For what results? At the beginning of 2024, the observation is undeniable of a failure: 2.6 million French people are currently waiting for social housing, an unprecedented number. How could it be otherwise, with the number of social housing approvals (production level) falling to the lowest level since 2005 in 2023? Overall, the number of building permits fell by almost 24% in France in 2023 compared to 2022, to around 373,000, according to data published by the Ministry of Ecological Transition this Tuesday.

It doesn’t matter,”in two weeks» and for the construction of 30,000 new homes within three years, 20 territories will be designated, therefore, to experiment with speeding up urban planning procedures, announced the President of the Government. “As we were able to do in the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games”, adds Again, taking a campaign promise from Emmanuel Macron, this one for 2022. Candidate for the second term, the President of the Republic promised. “The exception law, the model of the Olympic Games, to speed up housing development in certain territories”.

But especially in January 2024, is a supply shock the best response to the housing crisis? For two years, the supply crisis has been accompanied by a crisis in housing demand – the solvent – ​​with mortgage rates doubling. Isn’t this the demand crisis we need to unlock first.

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