Housing Crisis: Should Governments Block Roads to Respond?

87% of the French understand it the anger of the peasants and join These rebellious women and men, who live in poverty from their work and provide us with a living, have chosen to demonstrate by blocking the country’s roads and highways. This form of protest, which is usually rejected by the citizens, has not aroused the anger or distress of the people: their cause is evidently respectable, until the Prime Minister himself sympathizes, and above all, he immediately took measures to answer the grievances. there The housing cause is no less good and all polls show it’s big for the French. The government does not process it. Is the method of influencing public decisions bad? Maybe…

While the farmers were organizing their snail farms, ten professional organizations in the housing sector, as a newly formed collective under the name “Housing Alliance”, he carried out two actions. First they wrote to the new Prime Minister to tell him about the urgent need to take measures to recover. Without giving an answer, they held a joint press conference to call the press and public opinion to bear witness to their displeasure. No reaction either. In particular, there is still no dedicated minister. Without a doubt, Christophe Béchu”he does the work» talk like the little ones. That his responsibilities and those of his office are multiple and that he cannot commit to each one with the competence and efficiency of a specialist. An illustration, which is a form of recognition of the interested party: a single adviser, in this case the chief of staff of the minister, controls the housing files. He has many other issues to deal with.

Anger is well and truly on the rise in the construction industry

We are beginning to hear that the sector should use less gentle and less conventional means to arouse mass emotion in public opinion and decision-making actions. Also, in some regions, we have seen the construction industry (construction and public works) joining the farmers’ processions and increasing the lines of construction machinery tractors… The anger is growing. The difference? At first glance, housing professionals are less compassionate than farmers. Their standard of living, however lowered, cannot bring the same compassion. Who would bemoan the lower income of developers or real estate agents? The problem is that players, not just the newest or least important ones, are disappearing. Survivors are still too humble to spread banners with the number of self-employed people who have been forced to quit, lay off or change jobs, weakened and in debt to meet their family’s needs. The sector is still engaged in tactical calculations: if we say that things are not working, we will increase the phenomenon. The reality is silent, at least in the downstream part of the sector, marketing and transactions.

“Empty offices cannot be recycled only into houses”

And above all, what can be moved is the desperation of households that cannot find housing, rent or buy, even if their situation calls for a solution. It is also the individual distress resulting from social harm that causes people integrated into society to become homeless and soon homeless. The question that arises relates to the representation of the houses in question. In the case of the most vulnerable, the situation is clear: the qualified associations are well identified, whether we are talking about the Abbé Pierre Foundation, which will present its annual report on poor housing on February 1, or even the Right to Housing. Less clear for the middle class : who embodies them in their relationship with housing and in their difficulties in finding accommodation? Various associations, yes, but each with its own angle, on behalf of the part of the population that it defends, rural families, Christian families, the Union of Family Associations, and they have a soft culture that rejects noisy and spectacular actions. Yet the anger or despair of the French is there, deaf, still contained and civil. until when The elected are afraid of a social explosion, and are increasingly feeling the telluric tremors that herald it. There is so much going on… The executive has been inflexible for too long. In addition to not providing an emergency solution, with this belief that the market can secrete its antibodies and start again on its own, it makes two other mistakes: it does not stop the coming crisis, especially by renewing taxation immediately. , and announces remedies that will not work for several years – related to simplification.

Real estate: price decline will accelerate in Ile-de-France in 2024, according to notaries

The country will – apparently – find out on Tuesday, before the Prime Minister’s general policy statement to the national delegation, whether Minister of Housing it has a name He will benefit from a state of grace… in short, if he has it, and he must take it at once in everything. The findings are there, the proposals for a revival are there. More space for consultation, reflection, research. The moment is serious. For this reason, which manager would not prefer to re-appoint the previous minister, rather than dissolve the continuity? Furthermore, Patrice Vergriete has distanced himself from the provisions of a bill on immigration that the Constitutional Council has rejected all of them… For a political conflict, we would deprive the sector of the stability it needs! When the French believe that the sequence of polite inspiration of public decision is closed, they will not say it with nuance. The executive must be careful not to overwhelm.

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