He rented out his apartments to prostitutes: a fine and a suspended prison sentence!

Viewed on the stand, there was nothing to suggest that he was guilty of the actions he was accused of. And still the fifties, business managerat the head of a company that imports fruit and vegetables He was judged for Spain, however pimping real estate”the details Parisian. Because it gave him the opportunity to invest his professional activities, especially in the field of real estate. All in all, this 56-year-old woman He has seven apartments in Paris. And he was judged for these goods. According to our colleagues, the case dates back to 2018. Then, the Procuring Suppression Brigade (BRP) of the judicial police received an anonymous report.

His apartments are then put under surveillance and the police quickly notice suspicious activity. The police discover this the director of the company rents some of his apartments for 500-600 euros per week. The problem was that he was renting it to transsexuals in Brazil. The researchers will do it then “hide” and repeatedly noticing that guests are coming and going in the apartments. Mainly because they will also have classified ads in their hands prostitutes citing the addresses of the apartments belonging to the defendant.

A form of pimping that goes under“economic opportunism”

At the end of August 2018, the owner was arrested, along with six other women suspected of prostitution. According to the information Parisianone of them will then admit to being fifty years old “It is popular in Brazil to rent apartments for prostitution”. That’s why he was judged “Pimping”but only Actions taken since 2018 (even if they are from 2014). The Paris court finally sentenced him seven months imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros. To justify himself, he explained to the judges that he started renting out his apartments after exceeding the maximum number of nights allowed on the platform. Airbnb. And at first he wouldn’t notice that he was dealing with prostitutes. “They told me they were models, they fooled me”he tried to defend himself.

The problem, according to our colleagues, when listening to him, the police noticed terms that left no room for doubt, for example. “whores” who made his “work”. Half-heartedly acknowledging that it has been “naive”he would eventually have it “doubt” at the end If his lawyer said he wasn’t “a pimp”the prosecutor replied that it was indeed a questiona shape “weak” of pimping what goes under“economic opportunism”. Negligence that costs him dearly today.

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