Half-price housing in Paris: what would happen if the project was threatened by a former defender of the project?

There are more than 1,000 half price accommodation which should finally see the light of day in Paris joint real rent. A true joint tenancy is a system that helps low-income households become home owners. Long lasting, that it allows low-income families to occupy housing as their primary residence between the ages of eighteen and ninety-nine. In Paris, similarly capital As mentioned before, the council wanted to hit hard. Although the price per square meter varies between another 10,000 and 11,000 euros, the bill would be halved with these accommodations, so Less than 5,000 euros. A first project, in the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul ZAC (14th arrondissement), has already been marketed. The building permit was submitted in 2023.

But twist, he explains Parisian, this project is now questioned by the two appeals presented by the administrative appeals. The first is of a neighbor in the neighborhood, whose windows look out on the future seven-story building. Problem, This resident is only a real estate expert, Former chief of staff to a former housing minister and managed the social housing structure. Just that. According to Le Parisien, in the past, he he drew up documents promoting the creation of a genuine joint tenancythrough “Very long term rentals” then “Low-income households can buy a house without having to pay for the land”.


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Paris City Council for sure

When asked by our colleagues, the interested parties do not “want to react”and he told himself too “surprised” that he does in Le Parisien “this type of research”. At the moment, Paris City Hall has been waiting since hearings related to these appeals have not yet been held. The city council simply replied that “it is not foreseen to question the project that was developed in co-design with the future residents”, adding that it is worried about the appeals. “Urban planning and technical points”. In fact, it can be a visual and noise nuisance. In the case of this Saint-Vincent-de-Paul project, the building must be higher than the old hospital that was previously there, in the first presentation of the project the building had to be lower than that.


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The crux of the problem? A source at Le Parisien seems unconcerned and is speaking out “classical appeals to the vision, the sun”. When asked, the residents of the building where the applicant lives were surprised by such an approach. When they were waiting for the final decision, the City Council and the builder opened a call for tenders for the work. In the end, In 2026 there should be 23 families to live there. Between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025 another five projects must be marketed: two in the 20th arrondissement, rue des Pyrénées and ZAC Python-Duvernois; one in the century, avenue Jean-Jaurès; and two in the 18th arrondissement, Lamarck Street and ZAC Chapelle-Charbon.

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