Gabriel Attal promises to “unlock” the housing sector

The Prime Minister assured the National Assembly that he wanted to unblock the real estate sector, while the housing crisis is in force in France.

The new prime minister has not forgotten housing in his general policy speech. “If there is a sector that needs to be unlocked, it is housing”, assured Gabriel Attal this Tuesday, January 30. “The housing problem is clear: it relates to both supply and demand,” he judges.

“Together with local elected officials, we will respond to this housing crisis by creating a supply shock, proposing 5 immediate solutions.”

The Prime Minister wants to “massively simplify standards, revise DPE, simplify”. Access to MaPrimeRénovfacilitate densification, raise zoning limits, speed up procedures.

Furthermore, Gabriel Attal “in two weeks will name twenty territories committed to housing where we will speed up all the paperwork, as we have been able to do it. for the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, with the goal of creating 30,000 new homes within a 3-year period.”

“We will not hesitate to apply for vacant buildings, especially office buildings.”

Change for the allocation of new social housing

Regarding social housing, Gabriel Attal wants to tackle “the high cost of land with a new, very long-term loan”: 2,000 million euros distributed by the Banque des Territoires.

In addition, the executive “will give a hand to the mayors to make the first allocation in the new social housing built in their municipality”.

“The government will also start thinking about the development of social housing, so that they can respond more to the middle class.”

As part of the SRU law, certain municipalities must have at least 25% of social housing by 2025. However, many municipalities are not on the way. Gabriel Attal proposes “to add to this 25% estimate middle-class housing”.

In his speech, Gabriel Attal also announces the bill that will be responsible for co-owners. “Unblocking our economy also means conquering new freedoms, renouncing the principle of rent, being able to continue transforming and liberating”, believes the Prime Minister. In response to this, a bill for this purpose will be examined in the spring, “to unblock certain professions, such as trustees”.

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