From the curtain to the last line, the sublime “Dead poets” at the Antoine theater.

It’s not easy to replace Robin Williams, aka English literature professor John Keating. In “The Circle of Dead Poets.”, released in 1989. On stage, Stéphane Freiss, who has never seen the feature film, took on the character with honesty and modesty. The result is magical, wonderful. At the end of the first performances, at the Antoine theater in Paris (10), the audience gave him a standing ovation.

The audience, of all ages, some wipe away tears of emotion, others show moist eyes. John Keating leaves his class, walking past the audience. On the stage, the actors have just climbed one by one to their tables “Oh Captain, my captain! », he squeezed his throat with shame, anger, gratitude. Because of them, their favorite teacher loses his job, the end of a whirlwind of high-class drama.

Actors with incredible energy and talent

From the curtain raiser to the final line, the steady pace leaves no rest. Director Olivier Solivérès installed a 9 m long blackboard as the main stage. In it, John Keating draws “Carpe Diem” (“Choose today”). The eight student tables are mounted on wheels, offering a dynamic play experience. Here are the profiles, then the next sequence from the front… We are dissolved like in the cinema, when the secondary school students play. on percussion in a cave, while finishing reading love poems. Tam-tam music continues in the stands, with full fluidity.

Ethan Oliel plays a brilliant Neil Perry who can’t deal with his father’s anger. It combines joy, frustration, sadness beautifully. Learn to think for yourself, break free from conventions, question the established order, but to what extent?

Be it Hélie Thonnat, the ultra-shy Tod, Pierre Delage the hilarious Steven, Maxime Hurigue’s platonic lover Richard who ends up letting himself go crazy, or even Audran Cattin as the rebellious Charlie. , these twenty-something actors are incredible for their energy and talent. We laugh at their jokes, we are moved by their enthusiasm, we tremble with them at the obstacles that throw them back in the joy of youth. And we jump to heartily applaud this gem.

Editor’s note:

Society of Dead Poets “,

At the Antoine theater (10th arrondissement), from Wednesday to Sunday, from 20 to 62 euros. Such

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