“French startups ask themselves to go abroad to raise money”

Capital: In mid-January, Bpifrance launched a program to strengthen cooperation between startups and large groups, to support the government’s goal of doubling orders from public and private companies to startups by 2027.

Aurélie Hard: facilitate relations between start and large companies, to accelerate the development of technological innovations, this is Techinnov’s DNA! And that since the Essonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched it in 2007. Seventeen years later, this problem remains the same, because every year many startups are created in France. According to a study published by the company EY in September, it is difficult for them to communicate with large groups. However, the latter account for an average of 60% of startup turnover.

Why is getting into a relationship so complicated?

Large groups, like investors, are increasingly demanding. Much more than in the past, they have to be convinced by the quality of the team, of the company’s partners. the potential of its product in relation to the marketthere”his proof of conceptt”, and to ensure profitability forecasts in the period of three to six years. One of the first questions startups get asked is: “what is your company rating?“. French investors are much more demanding than foreign ones, especially American ones. So much so that some French startups ask themselves the question of expatriation fund raising easier

How can Techinnov help them?

The 18th edition of Techinnov will take place on March 26, but from February we will choose 30 start-ups that will have the opportunity to stand out in the exhibition, to offer the most opportunities for meetings. purchasing departments of large companies and with investors. This selection will be made according to the 180 files currently being analyzed by our jury, made up of business experts and financiers, such as the Ministry of Sports and the Seventure investment fund in the “sportch” category.

The winning start-up of the 17th edition of Techinnov, Dionymer, specialized in the transformation of bio-waste, raised 1.5 million euros a few months after the event, which allowed it to gain visibility and accelerate relations with financial partners. Also, after participating in Techinnov, Hyperion 7 signed a cooperation agreement with Airbus, which is interested in its safe cabled drones, which have the peculiarity of not falling.

How do you stand out from the Vivatech show launched in 2016?

A month before Techinnov, the start-ups are identified very precisely in a form, online, on the website of the event, where they define the direction of their needs (fundraising, looking for customers). Large companies extract from these files, according to key words, according to the type of business (startup or innovative ETE) or according to the geographical area. This does not exist Vivatech, which is also great for showcasing innovations. Techinnov therefore offers startups qualified meetings with large companies and investors, which saves them a lot of time. Finding the right contact within a large group takes a year or two to begin with.

At Techinnov, a young start-up gets about fifteen meetings on average, half with customers and the other half with investors and providers of innovative solutions that can provide an additional building block to their solutions. Before the show, some start-ups are prepared by the teams of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry to make a presentation pitch in 20 minutes, which is the time of the meeting about Techinnov, to convince the interested contacts as much as possible. of a partnership or partnership.

In which fields do the thirty startups you select currently work?

For the second year in a row, it will be placed under the Techinnov banner France 2030, the 54,000 million euro investment plan launched by the government in 2021, with a duration of five years and specifically targeting innovative technologies. We are here to tell you what start-ups can choose for this important plan, especially this year, in the sectors of energy and decarbonization, digital transformation, agritech and foodtech. This year’s big news, we also wanted to highlight sporttech, with an eye on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, with innovative solutions for the service of sports performance.

But at the same time, we are still quite sensitive to health innovations, to fight century diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and Covid and to reduce CO2 emissions. There are some in the files that we are examining now that I say to myself: “well, in three or four years there will be a revolution !”

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