Forbes criticizes the honoring of Arthur Rima Hassan, the Franco-Palestinian lawyer replies “pathetic”.

Another campaign was launched against him. there Franco-Palestinian lawyer Rima Hassan Arthur denounced a message published by the host, in which he criticized the nomination of the latter in the “40 women of 2023” classification published by the American magazine Forbes.

“To see Arthur attack a Palestinian woman for being rewarded for her work and her career (…) and use her influence to kick her out of this ranking that will be held in March says a lot about sexism and racism. This boomer,” asserts Rima Hassan X in And he ends dryly: “If I’m out of this ranking, we’ll know where it comes from.”

In a second post, Arthur says he’s “disturbed by everything I built after leaving a Palestinian camp and reminding people where I come from.” “I have to say it’s pretty sad to see a man so destabilized by a woman’s journey,” he concluded.

To her post, the young woman attached a screenshot of one of the host’s Instagram stories, in which she takes aim at his alleged anti-Semitism. “If you want to be in the next Forbes France ranking, the easiest way is to defend Hamas terrorism and be patently anti-Semitic,” writes Arthur.

An image of the Palestinian cause

“Don’t be surprised to see the anti-Semitic Rima Hassan honored among the 40 women of 2023. Anti-Semitism and the apologia of terrorism are the new symbols of success at Forbes”, added the producer, recently. revealed that it has “improved” security from the attacks of October 7.

Since October 7, Rima Hassan has become one of the icons of the Palestinian cause. At 31, he founded the Action France Palestine collective and the Observatory of Refugee Camps to investigate what he describes as “non-places”. “You’re drowning in there. Everything is mineral, there are no trees or plants. To me it’s like a still life. We are barely alive there, because we are dispossessed, in endless exile”, he explained to us in May 2022.

A trained lawyer, born in the suburbs of Aleppo (Syria), has multiplied since the beginning of the law. The war between Israel and Hamas interventions in the media to defend the Palestinian issue. In several scenes, he denounced “apartheid”. genocide” of which the Palestinians would be victims. His position has been criticized by some, who accuse him of opposing Israel’s right to exist.

After this exchange, the abbreviated interview of Le Crayon media was circulated on social networks. Many commentators accuse Rima Hassan of supporting the terrorist organization Hamas. In the video taken from a program broadcast on November 29, the journalist asks the young woman three questions. “Hamas is taking legitimate actions. Does the State of Israel have the right of defense? The two-state solution Is it possible? “. Rima Hassan answered the truth, a lie and a lie.

In the face of criticism, the lawyer responds that the summary chosen is truncated, and that it does not provide the necessary context. He specifically explained that he condemned the terrorist act of Hamas in another question, outside of the summary.

An unprecedented attack by Hamas About 1,140 people were killed in Israel, most of them civilians, according to an AFP count based on official Israeli figures. In response, Israel vowed to “exterminate” the movement that has ruled Gaza since 2007. Israeli military operations in the Palestinian territories left 26,637 dead, the vast majority of women, children and adolescents According to the Health Ministry of Hamas.

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