Forbes: “40 Women of the Year” event canceled due to activist Rima Hassan’s presence

Controversy won the celebration. that’s why controversial presence of the pro-Palestine activist Rima Hassan among the candidates, the event honoring the “40 women of 2023” of the economic magazine Forbes was cancelled.

In a series of messages about X, the activist announced on Friday that he had canceled the event planned for March 28 at the Ritz in Paris. “It is with anger and sadness that I announce to you that the entire Forbes trophy ceremony, which was intended to reward the 40 French women of the year for their commitment, journey and career, has been canceled,” wrote Rima Hassan.

Information confirmed by the magazine Le Parisien this Saturday. “They are already not being met to make the evening go well” and also the “safety” of the guests, explained Forbes, without saying more about the context.

Criticized by Jewish people

But according to Rima Hassan, the “pressure and fear of the last few days” to cancel is explained, related to being in her midst. “40 French Women of 2023”This choice provoked the anger of various Jewish organizations and individuals who accused him of anti-Semitism.

“If you want to be in the next ranking of Forbes France, the easiest way is to defend the terrorism of Hamas and be a patent anti-Semitic,” wrote, for example, the host Arthur, on Instagram, a few days ago. “Don’t be surprised to see the anti-Semitic Rima Hassan honored as one of the 40 women of 2023. Anti-Semitism and the apologia of terrorism are the new symbols of success at Forbes,” added the producer.

“Defending the cause of Palestine is one thing, supporting Hamas is another. Activist Rima Hassan looks like a progressive, talks like a progressive but follows the fundamentalist agenda of Hamas and justifies the excesses of October 7th. It would be an honor for Forbes not to be at its annual event,” replied Yonathan Arfi, president of the Council of Representatives of Jewish Organizations in France (CRIF).

Controversial remarks about Hamas

At the origin of the controversy, comments made by Rima Hassan in a video of Le Crayon media. In the video taken from a program broadcast on November 29, a journalist asks the young woman three questions. “Hamas is taking legitimate actions. Does the State of Israel have the right of defense? Is a two-state solution possible? “. “True”, “false” and “false”, replied Rima Hassan.

In response, Rima Hassan assured that the summary was truncated and had no context. He explains that he has condemned the terrorist act of Hamas in another question, outside of the summary.

But for many critics, these attitudes are enough to qualify them as anti-Semitic activists. Faced with these accusations, Rima Hassan too He announced that he had filed a complaint Against the host Arthur, to report “those acts of defamation that resonate strongly with him”, stated his lawyer Yassine Bouzrou. The latter specifically mentions “events that could damage his image and reputation”.

Since October 7, Rima Hassan has become one of the icons of the Palestinian cause. At 31, he founded the Action France Palestine collective and the Observatory of Refugee Camps to investigate what he describes as “non-places”.

A trained lawyer, born in the suburbs of Aleppo (Syria), has multiplied since the beginning of the law. The war between Israel and Hamas interventions in the media to defend the Palestinian issue. In several scenes, he denounced “apartheid”. the “genocide” of which the Palestinians are victims.. His position has been criticized by some, who accuse him of opposing Israel’s right to exist.

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