Élie Chouraqui loses the case against Pascal Obispo

Elie Chouraqui saw red when the man who co-created the 2000 musical, found out The Ten Commandments, put on his own show, more than twenty years later, with musical pieces from the first production. And The director and producer immediately took legal action Against Pascal Obispo and the producers of his show, 10 Commandments – Desire to love to be prohibited

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The complaint sued the former co-author for “copyright infringement”, “trademark infringement” and… “parasitism”. Élie Chouraqui requested compensation of 426,000 euros from the composer’s production company for the use of the trademark The Ten Commandments (a term that appears in the Bible and has been used in many works).

The hearing was held on December 7, 2023, at 3e The civil room of the Paris court, and the judgment has just been given. He decides in favor of the new show: Élie Chouraqui’s complaint has been rejected. The director and screenwriter is also ordered to pay 10,000 euros to Pascal Obispo’s production company in damages for defamation, as well as 30,000 euros in processing costs, also awarded to various authors of the 2000 musical comedy (Albert Cohen, co-producer, Patrice Guirao and Lionel Florence for the lyrics), as transmitted Le Figaro.

“Complete, consistent and incomprehensible” judicial decision.

The judge’s decision was immediately contested by Élie Chouraqui’s lawyer, Mr.e Charles Morel, “disappointed”, stated that it is “incomplete, inconsistent and incomprehensible”. To support his reasoning, the director’s advice emphasizes that “the musical is a collaborative work”. This means that “we cannot exploit a part without the consent of the co-authors”, which, according to him, the court did not take into account. “It is very likely that the decision will be appealed,” he told AFP.

10 Commandments – Desire to lovecreated for the 25th anniversary of the show that went into orbit singer Daniel Lévi, He is currently rehearsing in Rome. The show starts on March 9 in Épernay. This will be followed by a Zénith tour and several dates at the Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt from June 5-27. If the musical uses titles from the year 2000, it will offer new pieces to the public. Pascal Obispo told in September Paris game to have “dusted” the story. The term meant new sets, new choreography and different stagings. It’s a “new show” for him, it seems Starmaniawhich has had several versions.

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