EDF workers strike on Tuesday: beware, production drops are scary

strike day EDF this Tuesday, January 30. In the union call between the public company, the workers are called to strike to return the management to the negotiating table, he said. Parisian. Unions want all group agents get better raises. “The anger against the management’s stance on wage measures is very present”, assured Thomas Plancot, central secretary of the CGT union. For its part, the management of EDF responds general and individual increments granted EDF SA already supports it “An average salary increase of 4.14% by 2024”, including the individual measures of the +1.5% increase. But CFE-CGC requires 4% and CGT 2.3%.

In addition, EDF wanted to highlight future investments and in particular “the context of the group’s large debt”, of 65,000 million euros. An answer that angers the workers, who according to them EDF is preparing to announce the results “record” by the year 2023. In the first half of 2023, EDF returned to profit, collecting 5.8 billion euros, he recalls. Gallery, 2022 after a particularly complicated year. What will be the consequences of this national strike? Individuals will not be confronted Power cuts.

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Financial consequences for EDF

On the other hand, there will be reductions in productionAs confirmed by the central secretary of the CFE-CGC union of EDF SA, Arnaud Barlet. “This day of strike will result in load shedding (electricity production) and interruption of work on units (nuclear reactors) under maintenance.” The consequences will therefore be primarily financial for EDF. “If we produce less electricity, we sell less electricity, but that doesn’t affect our customers.” warned the union leader. There should also be no voluntary reductions as in the pension reform.

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For its part, EDF wants to express this “If the RTE (Manager of High Voltage Lines) notices that there may be an imbalance in terms of supply and demand, it can request an increase in the load of a reactor and the workers are obliged”. In Cruas, in the Ardèche, the power plant should normally restart this week. He has been on strike there since the end of December, after maintenance work on one of the reactors. The strike can also have an effect central From Aingo Bugey.

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